Audio/Video Transcription



Audio/video transcription

Our transcription service converts the spoken language into a written or electronic text document.
We offer different types for this service, although the common result is a text document containing the dialog of the original audio or video file.
This service may include, among other things, the transcription of conferences, seminars, interviews, all kinds of meetings (board of directors, assembly and company) as well as, in the legal field, interrogations and hearings. In some cases, it may also be material in foreign language, which we can then transcribe and translate for you.
For the transcription service from audio or video formats in foreign languages, the languages ​​we work with are English, from Italian to French and vice versa.
Fidelity to the original oral text and maximum linguistic accuracy in the final text is guaranteed.

Other Language Services



Linguistic revision

In addition to a faithful translation of a text, it is often necessary to review documents translated by you or other translators to verify the accuracy of specific legal or business terms, or simply to ensure respect for the subtle match between commonly used linguistic expressions.


Video Conference

Thanks to the availability of an interpreter connected by videoconference you can conduct business meetings with international clients without having to worry about language barriers.



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