We translate for you texts that belong to different specific sectors: from the medical to the legal and commercial. We provide you with the translated text document, with the guarantee to respect the perfect terminology


Sworn translation

Sworn translation is required whenever a document requires an official translation and is recognized by the institutions.


Legal translation

Legal translation includes translations of contracts, original copies of judgments and other contractual documents. The legal text is a technical text, and is therefore characterized by a unique terminology.


Medical translation

Medical translation of medical records, clinical studies, pharmaceutical texts or package inserts.


Business Translation

We provide translation services for various types of business documents, including: catalogues, communications, contracts, business correspondence, invoices, business letters, commercial offers, business presentations.


Finance Translation

We provide translation services for banking and financial documents such as management reports, annual/quarterly reports, meeting reports, financial statements and more.


Tourism Translation

We offer translation of tourist texts such as translation of tour guides, art books, menus and recipes, brochures and leaflets, press releases and more.


Urgent translation

If you are in a hurry and need a translation to and from English, Italian and French we can help you.


Other translations

If you do not find the desired sector in the list of sectors for translations, do not despair.
It is not because there is not in the list that we cannot translate it.

Linguistic Services



I2A2 offers interpreting services for any type of event requiring a person capable of acting as an intermediary between people.

Other language services

In addition to translations of texts and interpretation services, we offer more specific linguistic services such as: the transcription of audio or video files into text documents and the correction of already translated texts.



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