Who We Are


I2A2 is your window on the world through which you have to be present at the international level. For work or necessity, we are at your side to offer you the best of our skills.
I2A2 is a company that deals mainly with Interpretation and Translation in the international market but also offers business services.
The manager has a master’s degree in conference interpreting and is a sworn interpreter / translator at the Court of Monaco and at the Italian Embassy in Monaco.
The linguistic services offered are adapted to your needs in all fields, whether it is a generic or specialized sector guaranteeing quality.
In addition to linguistic activity, I2A2 also offers services dedicated to business development such as the development of activities for third-party accounts, Import / Export and the development of projects by exploiting its geographical position.
Linked by an absolute confidentiality agreement with our customers.

Our Services


I2A2 offers specialized linguistic services for each business sector. Whether interpreting or written translation, proofreading and audio/video transcription.
I2A2 offers its language services between the following languages: English – French – Italian


I2A2 offers interpreting services for any type of event requiring a person capable of acting as an intermediary between people.

Legal translation

Legal translation includes translations of contracts, original copies of judgments and other contractual documents.

Technical and specialized translations

We translate for you texts that belong to different specific sectors: from the medical to the legal and commercial. We provide you with the translated text document, with the guarantee to respect the perfect terminology.

Urgent translations

If you are in a hurry and need a translation to and from English, Italian and French we can help you.

Linguistic revision

In addition to a faithful translation of a text, it is often necessary to review documents translated by you or other translators to verify the accuracy of specific legal or business terms, or simply to ensure respect for the subtle match between commonly used linguistic expressions.

Audio/video transcription

Our transcription service converts the spoken language into a written or electronic text document.

Business Services


I2A2 aims to be next to those who want to develop their business internationally. In this globalized world, we have a duty to be present so that the people who need our services can acquire it.
To help you, I2A2 offers you: representation services and commercial development to contact new customers in the foreign market.

Project development

I2A2 offers its services for the development of projects at an international level, acting as a pivot between you and the foreign markets.

Commercial Office/Representative

In addition to the search for the development of your business, I2A2 follows you in the acquisition/sale of your goods (Intrastat) and supports you in bureaucratic and customs (import/export).



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