I2A2 offers interpreting services for any type of event requiring a person capable of acting as an intermediary between people.


Simultaneous interpretation

The interpretation of the speaker’s speech by the interpreter takes place simultaneously.


Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes notes from which he orally translates the substance of the speech by summarizing it


Whispering interpretation

Whispered interpretation, or whispering, is a variant of simultaneous interpretation: the interpreter is
beside the participants, to whom he transmits the translation in a low voice.


Liaison interpretation

The interpreter transmits information of a sectoral nature based on brief conversational exchanges and without taking notes among the participants.

Linguistic Services



We translate for you texts that belong to different specific sectors: from the medical to the legal and commercial. We provide you with the translated text document, with the guarantee to respect the perfect terminology.

Other language services

In addition to translations of texts and interpretation services, we offer more specific linguistic services such as: the transcription of audio or video files into text documents and the correction of already translated texts.



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